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At the Knightshead Law Firm, you are our number one priority. We do not think of ourselves as a business or think of our lawyer, Tedrick Knightshead, as just a lawyer. We are counselors and allies for people facing life-changing issues. We have over 15 years of experience leading clients through personal injury and criminal defense cases. We are very knowledgeable on Louisiana’s laws and court system, so you can turn your focus to your goals in the case while we handle the complicated legal matters. To learn more about our attorney’s background, please see his bio below:

Choosing An Attorney For Your Case

Finding the right attorney is one of the most important things you can do in your situation. You’ll need legal help to effectively challenge insurance companies or fight criminal charges, and you need to make sure you can work together to achieve the outcome you are looking for. We understand the human aspect of legal cases. We are people just like you, so we know how hard these situations are. We want our clients to feel comfortable and cared for in our firm. If you are seeking a compassionate ally who pursues your best interests and gives you control in decisions, that is what the Knightshead Law Firm offers.

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