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Federal Criminal Defense – Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal Criminal Defense – Baton Rouge

Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law can be an intimidating and confusing situation. But you have rights! Be sure to retain the services of a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney early in your proceedings. Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney is a lawyer who will ensure your rights are protected, and your federal criminal case receives the attention and justice it deserves.

Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal Crimes

Federal crimes are often the same charges as state crimes but take place in the federal court system, a system that is backed by the unlimited resources of the United States government. Types of federal crimes include

Mr. Scott is highly-qualified and has defended numerous federal crime cases in the state of Louisiana.

Federal vs State

One important difference between the federal legal system and state crimes is that the United States Attorney’s office is responsible for prosecuting federal charges. They often have significantly more time and resources to direct toward a particular case than the defendant or a state prosecutor may have. As a result, federal crimes can be difficult to defend and are often lengthy and costly.

We can help you assess the nature and purpose of an investigation, as well as assist you in any interrogations or searches that may result. Ensure your rights are protected from the beginning by enlisting the knowledge and expertise of a criminal lawyer. By acting as an intermediary, a lawyer can help ensure you don’t incriminate yourself and receive the most judicious outcome.

Witnesses, Evidence and Procedure

Often citizens are included in federal criminal cases as witnesses instead of suspects and may be subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury. Mr. Scott can help a grand jury witness determine the purpose of the subpoena and avoid potential traps or pitfalls during their testimony.

Above all else, it is essential during federal criminal proceedings to be represented by an attorney who is familiar with the federal rules of evidence, rules of criminal procedure, trial procedure, and the federal court system in general. Knowledge of sentencing procedures and recent Supreme Court rulings that affect sentencing may also assist the outcome of your case. This type of experience is highly specialized and often expensive, but it is vitally important to retain the services of a lawyer who knows the system inside and out.

If you have been charged with, or are under investigation for, any federal crime, contact Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney. Mr. Scott can often negotiate with authorities to encourage them to drop their investigation or deliver reduced punishment. Protect your rights and protect your freedom. The only way to know if he can help you in your case is to call today at (504) 344-8819.