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Health Care Fraud Baton Rouge

Health Care Fraud (Medicare Fraud) – Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney
Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney

Health Care Fraud (Medicare Fraud) – Baton Rouge

The United States’ health care system is one of its biggest industries and most regulated. The professionals who work in the industry know the risks patients take in treatment every day – but all too often, they’re unaware of the risks to themselves until it’s too late.

Healthcare fraud is a broad term for a collection of legal actions taken at the state and federal level. Most people are familiar with Federal healthcare prosecution for Medicare fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, and illegal currency transactions, but most people are not familiar with the Louisiana Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, which enforces a parallel set of state laws regulating government funded healthcare. What’s more, pretty much every insurer falls under Federal and/or State regulation, so even if you or your business aren’t in the Medicare or Medicaid system, you can still run afoul of these serious criminal charges.

Licensing, administrative, and civil actions all fall under health care fraud as well. Few medical professionals can survive without state licensing, and the prosecutors are well aware of this power. The regulatory agencies hold their own hearings regarding the alleged fraud, and the State and Federal governments commonly sue for restitution and civil monetary penalties under a civil standard of proof – a mere preponderance of the evidence – using the same facts and documents as the criminal case.

Health Care Fraud Defense

Health care fraud is a serious accusation that takes experience, patience, and organization to defend. If you need health care fraud defense, call Baton Rouge Defense Attorney and get the inside story. He’s worked on numerous health care and medicare fraud cases over the years, include representation of :

  • Durable medical equipment suppliers,
  • Doctors,
  • Nurses,
  • Nursing homes,
  • And even a licensing action against a board-certified substance abuse counselor.

Don’t let the government take advantage of its own complex regulations to make you into the bad guy. They can turn innocent misunderstandings of the rules into criminal charges and license threatening incidents. The government plays hardball on these cases, and they hold all the cards – if they can’t get cooperation by threatening criminal action, they’ll threaten your license and your family’s financial security by running you out of business. You need someone to engage in smart negotiation, organizing a defense, contracting billing experts, and representing you in your hearings of every sort. If there’s a real issue, you need representation that can work towards a global settlement to resolve all of the actions at once, so you can get back to work.

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Whether it’s a billing irregularity case, with unbundling and rebundling, allegations of time padding on skilled care, fraudulent billing, or other criminal allegations, attorney Baton Rouge has the tools and the experience to fight the government and protect your interests.

Don’t wait until the indictment lands on your doorstep – call for a consultation today, and start defending yourself before it’s too late. Protect your livelihood and your personal freedom today by calling today at (504) 344-8819.