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White Collar Crimes – Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney

White Collar Crimes – Baton Rouge

White collar crime covers a wide variety of charges, from Medicare/Medicaid fraud to insurance fraud and claims of embezzlement. Unlike garden-variety criminal accusations, there is rarely a “smoking gun” and eyewitnesses, but instead a documentary trail and guesswork by investigators who are not experts in the industry investigated. The claims tend to be vague and overstated, and you need a lawyer who can help you decipher the claims and mount an effective defense. That’s when you need a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Scott, who can help you:

Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Gathering information,
  • Sorting through the Government’s documentary claims,
  • Arranging experts to deflect the accusations,
  • and work with you through the grueling investigations and slippery interview techniques so common to white collar investigations.

White collar investigations tend to be subtle, and rely on your assumption that if you haven’t done anything wrong, you should cooperate with the investigators. Your business is probably subject to some set of regulations that require a level of cooperation with Government investigators to begin with, and those investigators will exploit that cooperation to build their case. By the time you get a subpoena or indictment, the highest likelihood is that the Government has already decided your fate.

Don’t Wait

When you suspect that your company or your business is under investigation, don’t wait for the call to the grand jury – get a defense attorney to work with you immediately. Damage control during the investigative phase is crucial to maximizing your positive outcome. Administrative actions can lead to criminal actions, and you, your company, or your practice, may face multiple avenues of investigation and attack. Avoiding jail time is only half the battle – the economic damage to you and your company can be just as damaging as a simple loss of freedom. Your professional licenses have real value, and the fines and civil monetary penalties levied in these cases can cripple your family just as much as the loss of your freedom and income for a fixed period of time.

Mr. Scott has worked with a variety of industries over the years in accusations of fraud, negligence, environmental investigations and embezzlement accusations. His investigators and experts are experienced and aggressive, and can help you to avoid liability or minimize the damage to your business or practice due to employee mistakes and misdeeds.

If your business is in trouble, you’re in trouble, and before it gets too deep, get the help you need. Call for a consultation with Mr. Scott at (504) 344-8819, and we’ll work through this together.