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Violent Crimes Lawyer – Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney

Violent Crimes Lawyer – Baton Rouge

Among the lawyers in Baton Rouge, only one attorney has the experience, education and dedication to defend you when you find yourself or someone you love charged with a violent crime. All crimes are serious, but violent crimes care an extra stigma in our society. This stigma can make it all the more difficult when it comes time to defend yourself from charges. You will need an attorney who can fight through the emotions surrounding the case and get down to the facts at hand to get you the best possible resolution. That attorney is Mr. Scott.

Classes of Violent Crimes

There are many classes of violent crimes. The main areas by which a violent crime is classified are seriousness of the crime and intent. When determining how you are going to be charged, prosecutors will not only look at what the end result of the accused crime is but also what your intent was when the crime was committed. Each of these aspects can play a part in determining what charge you face, and a quality criminal defense attorney can dispute each of these areas of the crime.

The first step would be to determine whether or not the violent crime actually occurred and whether or not the accused was the person actually responsible. This will be determined through eyewitnesses and forensic evidence, all of which can be disputed.

Did the violent crime actually occur? Is the person accused actually responsible? Eyewitness accounts and forensic evidence can help answer these questions, but can also be easily disputable.

Beyond that, your attorney will examine both your intent and that of the victim of the violent crime. Accidents and self-defense can be mitigating factors in determining one’s guilt. Beyond determining guilt, intent and outcome of the crime may also become factors in your sentencing. The finer distinctions can be the difference between suspended sentences and anger counseling to long-term prison sentences. To understand the complicated and confusing distinctions of the law, you need an attorney who knows criminal law well.

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If you find yourself or someone you love charged with a violent crime, seek out only the attorney with the dedication and experience to fight for you. Mr. Scott will work day and night on your case, from arrest all the way through trial and sentencing. To get the help you need today, contact Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney at (504) 344-8819.