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Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney


Welcome to the law firm of Baton Rouge Criminal Defense, Attorney at Law. For the last 12 years, Mr. Scott has offered personal consultation and representation to all of his clients requiring legal counsel in the areas of criminal, family and juvenile law.

Many citizens who find themselves caught up in the legal system are unaware of their basic rights and unsure of where to turn to for help. Dealing with the courts can be a confusing and overwhelming process. With Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney, acting as your attorney, you will always receive a robust and vigorous defense.

In any legal situation, it is vitally important to find an attorney who is familiar with current and evolving laws but also understands the emotional depth and impact of the circumstances. Mr. Scott can help you navigate the courts, protect your interests and resolve your case with professionalism and justice.

Criminal Law areas of practice:

The very heart of criminal defense relies upon presenting the most robust, zealous defense possible for the accused. Many people are unaware of their basic rights, and it’s in the best interest of police and prosecutors that you never become aware of those rights. Advising you of your rights and letting you know when to use them goes to the very heart of criminal defense.

criminal defense lawyer will not only understand the letter of the law, but the heart and purpose of each relevant law. The primary job of a criminal defense lawyer is to fight for you at all costs within the law, to maximize your liberty interest by making sure that you get the best defense possible.

Why Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney?

Mr. Scott’s years of experience can provide you with a robust defense no matter what criminal charges you face. He and his team will go over every single bit of evidence, from police reports to eyewitness accounts, looking for any evidence or police or prosecutor mistakes or misconduct that could affect your case. Relying upon years of education and experience, he will maneuver the incredibly complex criminal law system to get you the best possible outcome.

If you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights, please call Mr. Scott  today at (504) 344-8819 to schedule an appointment.