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Sex Crimes Defense – Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney

Sex Crimes Defense – Baton Rouge

For a criminal defense attorney skilled in the nuances of sex crime laws, look no further than the offices of Mr. Scott (504) 344-8819. We have years of experience and education have given him the understanding and sensitivity necessary to mount a successful defense for those accused of sexual related crimes.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes can be a particularly difficult area to launch a successful defense. There are two distinct areas that constitute most sex crimes. The act itself, and the intent. For some sex crimes, such as child molestation, the prosecution must only show that the sexual act occurred, since there is no legal justification for child molestation. To prove that the crime occurred, lawyers must rely upon a mix of eye witness testimony, the testimony of the victims, and any forensic evidence. A lawyer skilled in the area of sex crime defense will be able to isolate and exploit the areas of weakness in each aspect of the prosecutions case, potentially proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the act itself did not occur.

However, for crimes such as rape, the prosecution must not only prove that sex occurred but also that the sexual act in question was non-consensual for at least one of the parties involved. When it comes to proving or disproving intent and consent, attorneys will rely upon a mix of physical evidence and witness and victim statements. Prosecutors will set out to show physical evidence that would indicate the act was violent and non-consensual while relying heavily on witness statements. An experienced sex crime attorney will be able impeach witness testimony while demonstrating that the physical evidence could reasonably paint a different picture.

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Being accused of a sex crime can have a devastating affect on the accused, ruining lives and destroying families. One attorney understands the emotional toll these accusations can take on a person and will defend you or your loved one vigorously, with sensitivity, experience, education, and dedication. If you find yourself accused of a sex crime and are in need of a criminal defense attorney, contact Us today at (504) 344-8819