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Adoption Lawyer – Baton Rouge

Finding the right adoption lawyer can be a difficult process when examining all of the issues that can come up. Raising a child is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a person can have, particularly when one chooses to adopt a child in need. To insure the safety and well being of the child, the legal system has enacted a number of steps before a child can be adopted. Unfortunately, for the lay person, this process can seem completely overwhelming. Thankfully, Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney is here to help you maneuver the adoption process.

Adopting a Child

There are many different ways in which you can adopt a child, and each method requires a different set of steps in the legal process. For some people, the adoption process may involve a child moving from the permanent custody of one family member to another family member. While this may be an amicable process on the surface, there are still a number of complex legal issues that must be addressed by your attorney.

In other cases, the child may not actually even be born yet. For those interested in adopting a child from a mother who has yet to give birth, there are a number of unique legal questions that need to be answered, including

This is in addition to the laws enacted by the state to make sure that whomever the child ends up with are fit and able to be good parents. In some cases, these adoptions may even take place over state and international borders, greatly increasing the number of legal steps one must go through. While the law has the best interests of the child at heart, the legal protections for the child also create pitfalls for the lay person, and no one should have to navigate this process alone. If the adoption process is mishandled, the consequences are at least messy, and sometimes tragic for the adoptive parents and their child.

Adoption Attorney

Fortunately, adoption lawyer, Mr. Scott, is there to help. With years of experience and education, he will help you maneuver this tricky process with both dedication and understanding. If you feel that you need help maneuvering the overwhelming maze of paperwork and laws surrounding adoption, please contact him today at (504) 344-8819