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In our experience practicing law, we’ve found that the most important takeaway is a basic one: clients have unique needs. No two businesses are alike. They have different organizations, cultures, goals and resources. Nor are any two individuals alike. Each person has a different approach to life and different tolerances for risk and conflict. When we take on a new client, we believe our first duty is to listen. Listening is the first step in building a relationship that you, the client, will value. The better we understand you and your business, the more effectively we can serve you. Our hope is that through our actions, we will prove ourselves worthy enough to be considered your trusted partner for the long term. It’s a simple philosophy – and a very important one to us.


Ogwyn Law Firm provides clients with aggressive representation, thoughtful advice, and balanced perspective; addressing their needs across a wide spectrum of legal issues. We strive to create valued, and lasting partnerships with our individual and small business clients; a fact reflected in our focus on customized solutions and individual attention – the hallmarks of a personal family attorney or in-house counsel. We place a priority on providing timely and efficient legal representation while building long-term relationships with the goal of consistently delivering superior legal advice and advocacy. During our years in practice, we’ve cultivated an extensive and effective team (comprised of our firm’s staff as well as other attorneys and experts in particular specialty areas), which works together to ensure efficient and seamless representation in every case. Prompt and personal communication with each client is one of our firm’s foremost considerations. Our entire team takes great pride in the relationships we develop with our clients as we work to protect their interests in a variety of legal matters involving business representation and litigation, real estate, oil & gas agreements and disputes, and estate planning needs. We invite you to call Ogwyn Law Firm to learn more about the ways we can partner with you to resolve your legal matters and work proactively to avoid future disputes.

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